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Melissa Bucher

8th Grade ELAR
Contact Information:
Phone: 817-202-1339
Room: 118
Conference Time: 11:18 A.M.-12:18 P.M.
Tutorial Times: Monday thru Wednesday 7:30-8:00 A.M.
 Hello Everyone,
I'm excited for the 2018-2019 school year! I am also very anxious to see and teach my former class of scholars again. This is the beginning of my 5th year teaching, and when I'm not at school teaching I love to hang out at home with my dog, Snickers, and my daughter, Abigail. I am a gym rat, and I am training for my 2nd half-marathon. 
B.A. in International Studies (2009)- University of North Texas
M.A. in Pastoral Counseling (2018)- In Progress
I look forward to meeting and speaking with each of you this year!
Below is our class syllabus: please feel free to email me anytime to discuss concerns or to have me answer any questions. 

8th Grade English Language Arts & Reading

Syllabus 2018-2019

Instructor: Melissa Bucher

Phone: 817-202-1339

Email: mbucher@c-isd.com

Conference: 5th Period, 11:18-12:18

Class Motto: Make today so awesome yesterday is jealous.

Class Launch: Make today awesome!

Course Overview: This class will be centered around the 40 book challenge and the major literary genres, namely Fantasy, Science Fiction, Realistic Fiction, Mystery, Traditional Fiction, Historical Fiction, Graphic Novels, Poetry, Biography, and Informational. Scholars will choose a book of their choice and read each day in class for 15 minutes and 20 minutes at home each night. Upon completion of the course, scholars will have the languages skills they need in order to move forward into the worlds of higher education and the workplace as competent, confident communicators.

Class time will be as follows:

Reading – 15 minutes

Writing – 10 minutes

FSGPT – 5 minutes

Mini Lesson – 15 minutes

Daily Materials: Scholars are expected to bring the following items to class daily. Coming to class unprepared will result in a consequence.

  • Current book scholar is reading
  • 8th Grade Binder with Agenda
  • Composition Book
  • Pencil
  • Chromebook

Classroom Procedures and Expectations:

  1. Enter the classroom in silence and grab your materials for lesson, journal for reading, and find a pencil or pen.
  2. Take out your book, your 3 ring binder, and a pencil; then go to your favorite reading spot and begin to read.
  3. When the timer buzzes, fill out your reading log for the day and write in your journal based on the writing prompt of the day.
  4. When the timer buzzes again, go to your assigned seat and take out your Chromebook and prepare for direct instruction.
  5. Complete the daily assignment on your Chromebook. If you do not finish the assignment, it will be homework.
  6. Stay in your seat unless otherwise directed.
  7. Talking is only allowed with permission.
  8. Remain quiet during direct instruction. If you have a question write it down and ask it, when I say, "Does anyone have a question?"  
  9. You will be allowed 3 restroom visits per six weeks, but never during Reading Time! Use them wisely.
  10. I will dismiss you from class, not the bell.

Homework: Any assignment not completed in class will completed at home, unless otherwise specified. Students will be given adequate time to complete all homework assignments, therefore, late work will be penalized through grade deductions.

Make-up Work: If a scholar is absent from class (excused or unexcused) it is his/her responsibility to get missing assignments, notes, or other information. Refer to CISD grading policy (two days given per day absent)

Chromebooks: Technology is fast becoming an everyday tool in the classroom. Scholars will be required to come every day with their Chromebooks charged and ready to go.

The teacher reserves the right to make changes to the syllabus. Students will be informed of any alterations in advance.

Units of study and progression throughout the year: