Welcome back!!!!                           We are very excited for this coming year!                                                   We are Proud! We are Family! We are Wheat! 

Wheat Middle School


Welcome to my page!
Paul Chavez PE-Boys&Girls Intramurals/Coach
  • CHS Girls Volleyball Varsity Assistant 
  • CHS Girls Basketball Varsity Assistant
  • Wheat Cross Country Coach
  • 7th and 8th Girls Athletics
  • Boys and Girls Intramurals 
My Schedule
  1st Period 7&8 Girls Athletics   8:00-8:48
  2nd Period Intramurals   8:52-9:40
  3rd Period Intramurals   9:44-10:32
  4th Period Intramurals   10:36-11:24
  5th Period lunch   11:25-12:10
  6th Period CHS   12:15-1:00
  7th  Period CHS   1:05-1:50
  8th Period CHS   1:55-2:40
  9th Period CHS   2:45-3:30