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6th Grade Reading/Future Cities
817 202 1300
RM 128
Conference Times: Monday-Friday 8:00-8:51
Team Time: 1:03-1:54
Tutorial Times: 
Welcome to 6th Grade Reading! We are looking forward to a great year!
Your scholar will cover a wide range of information during this year. We cover many genres in class including Fiction, Biographical Information, Poetry, Drama, Expository, and Persuasive Text. Prior to testing your scholars focus will be on cross genre analysis; focusing on pairing two types of text on a similar topic. After testing your scholar will delve into the imaginative world. 
  Reading is the foundation for all other subjects and it is my desire to see scholars perform well in all areas including reading. Additionally, I hope to see each and every scholar develop a desire to read for pleasure and not just an ability to read for academic content. 
It is my goal to see each scholar succeed. I am available at the times listed above as well as many additional times during class. Scholars not happy with their grades have many opportunities to adjust their grade and demonstrate their knowledge of the content. If a scholar does not pass a quiz/test they will be provided with the opportunity to study and review material then retest to demonstrate mastery of the content. 
Please view our classroom website which has information and resources for use in and out of class. 
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