Wheat Middle School

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Bond 2018


8th Grade US History Teacher/Dept Head/Yearbook Adviser
Room 138
Conference Time: 9:40-10:32
Tutorials: Monday - Friday 7:30 am Thursday - Friday 3:45 - 4:15 
(Test Reviews always offered the afternoon and morning prior to the test)

I am very excited to be teaching U.S. History. This is a course covering the discovery of America to the Reconstruction Era. Eighth grade students will be tested over this content in May. It is my goal to prepare the students daily, to ensure they are able to succeed. This subject can be difficult for many students because they have never been tested in social studies before, but I am certain all students are capable of mastering the rigor that is expected of them.
If a student is not doing as well as they would like in the class, they have many opportunities to adjust their grade and demonstrate their knowledge. At any time a student does not pass a quiz, they can come in to study with me and they will then be allowed to re-take it. Also, if a student fails a test, they will be required to come in for a test corrections. It is my ultimate goal to make sure my students are prepared, but they must take advantage of the opportunities they have available. Scholars who complete their study guide and participate in test reviews do better on the tests. 
Cierra Johnson