Wheat Middle School

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Welcome to 6th Grade Art and Art I for 7th & 8th Grade!

Mrs. Ostrander
Direct Extension: 817-202-1360 (during the day, automatically directs to voicemail)
Conference time: 1:24-2:09 PM
Monday: Please make an appointment with the teacher.

Welcome to Art! My name is Jane Ostrander, but please call me Mrs. Ostrander or Mrs. O. This will be my seventh year at Wheat Middle School, and my sixteenth year teaching. 

What do you need to bring to class? The willingness to learn, explore, and use your imagination. Creating art is all about getting in touch with your emotions--both positive and negative--and expressing them on the page. I know we're going to have a great time this year. ART ROCKS! Create on! 
2018-19 Supply List (This is already on the master supply list for the district)
  1. 9" x 12" spiral bound Sketchbook, a single subject spiral, OR a composition book
  2. 2 packages of pencils
  3. 1 glue stick or bottle of glue
  4. 2 fine point black Sharpies     

Art Class Rules

  1. Turn in high quality assignments on time.
  2. Complete teacher requests immediately.
  3. Unless you have permission to speak, talk only about your artwork.

Art Class Procedures

These will be taught and reviewed in class. EVERY SCHOLAR COMPLETES EVERY ASSIGNMENT AT WMS!

Art Rewards/Art Consequences

Positive Notes/Calls Home Demerit

Earned Experiences/privileges Alternative assignment if a scholar cannot handle art tools

Fun While Learning/Bookwork, A Teaming Meeting, Parent Conference Request

Grading Scale

Minor Grades (Sketchbooks, Daily grades, Project Planning) 40%

Major grades  (Art Projects, Self-Evaluation) 60%


Course Objectives

Basic Knowledge and Skills contained in the Elements of Art and the Principles of Design

Demonstrate effective use of various media and proper use of vocabulary

Compare and contrast Historical and Contemporary Art Styles

Identify various cultural artworks

Self and peer critiquing

Understanding of Copyright Laws and what that means to scholars

Cell Phones and Digital Devices

Cell phones will remain TURNED OFF in class and put in the attendance pocket. Digital devices will be for TEACHER DIRECTED SITES ONLY. Please note: neither the school, or I, can be held responsible if your child’s device is stolen or broken at school.


Copyright Laws and Drawing

Art standards demand creation of original artwork. Scholars will not be allowed to draw logos, trademarks, or licensed characters in Mrs. Ostrander’s class, which aligns with 21st Century Learners criteria.  If a child includes a copy-written image in their artwork, the child will be asked to start the project over. This also ensures your child’s artwork will be eligible to compete in art contests.

Fidget Spinners--NOT ALLOWED. They take two hands to work, and that means your child cannot create art and use the spinner at the same time.

Book Work or Alternate Assignment

If a scholar is persistently not working/using supplies incorrectly, I may assign a book work assignment, and will contact you. Also, if your child needs a more complex project, I will contact you to discuss an alternate assignment.

"Creativity takes courage." --Henri Matisse