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STinG Week 2018-1019

Students Together in Giving
The week of March 1-8, 2019 provides an excellent opportunity for our students to work together for a common cause. Our students want to serve our community through a philanthropic venture.  We greatly appreciate your support in our mission.
The 2019 STinG Week recipients are Katrina Sellens and Brody Nelson.
Katrina is an eighth grader at Wheat Middle School.  She is currently in Dallas Children's Medical Hospital in the Cardiac ICU.  Katrina has had two pacemakers implanted and has been on the heart transplant list.  Although Katrina was a homebound student last year, she has continued to excel academically in her Pre-AP classes.  Her hope and courage for life is the reason Student Council has selected her as one of the 2019 STinG Week Recipients.
Brody Nelson is also a STinG Week recipient. Brody is a student at Coleman Elementary School  He was diagnosed last year with Ana plastic Gangliogioma with TRK gene mutation, which is a very rare form of brain cancer.  St. Judes has provided the majority of the treatment for Brody.  However, his mother Courtney has had to quit her job and their family frequently travels to Memphis, Tennessee for Brody's treatments.  We would like to continue supporting in the #FightLikeBrody" campaign.  The Nelson family has been very apprecitative of the support from the community.  
Your donation and support for STinG Week is greatly appreciated.
Dress-up Days
Monday-iCarly "wear bright/neon colors
Tuesday-SpongeBob "SpongeBob character/beach day"
Wednesday-Big Time Rush "Wear your favorite band shirt"
Thursday-Dora & Diego "Jungle Day"
Friday- StinGelodeon "STinG Week Shirt"