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Drop Off/Pick Up During Severe Weather

Please be advised, for the safety of our staff, when there is lightning and/or severe weather detected within 10 miles of school during morning drop off or afternoon pick-up, our staff that would normally be on traffic duty will not be out there. They will be positioned inside by the doors around the school to greet students entering the building. This is the same procedures that are followed during football and soccer games.

Please be mindful and observant when in the drive-thru lines of students being dropped off/picked-up to avoid any accidents. Also, please make sure you are following the procedures and routes for drop off/pick-up. As a reminder, for morning drop-off, you must stay in the lane you turn in on off of Harlin. Please do not jump lanes/line hop. (see attachments)

Thank you!

Drop off Pick-up Map.pdf 

WMS entry-dismissal procedures

WMS entry-dismissal procedures -Spanish